Regimental Memorial Grove Walkway
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association History Project ~
Memorial Grove, MP Regimental HQ, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

     To expand the opportunity to recognize MP service, the Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA) has announced a plan for a brick walkway surrounding the perimeter of the Memorial Grove. This path will contain bricks inscribed with names of individuals (living and deceased) and groups who proudly served the Army and MP Corps during its long years of formal existence.

     The red colored, clay bricks will be in two sizes (4"x8" and 8"x8"). Each will be laser engraved with the name of the person or group. Costs of the bricks will start at $165.00.

     The first bricks will be installed in July 2007 and the walkway will likely be finished in 2011. Installation of new bricks is planned for every two years, 2007, 2009, and 2011. Bricks ordered prior to month-end March of the installation year will be placed in the walkway in July of that year.

     For more information on the Memorial Grove Walkway program contact the MPRA at;

MPRA PO Box 2182 Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

call (573) 329-5317


This information edited courtesy of the Retired Military Police Officers "Digest," Summer 2006, page 22.

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