How The Association Can Serve You and Your Unit !

     Membership in the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association is open to all veterans whose unit (regardless of MOS) was at any time attached organically or subordinate to the 720th Military Police Battalion, for operational - administrative or logistical purposes. Even if you served in the unit at a time it was not officially attached to the 720th during foreign deployment.

    The 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association members realize that many of the companies, platoons or detachments that served attached or subordinate to the Battalion at Fort Hood or during national or foreign deployments have no formal reunion association's to assist them.

     Since we have provided each organic and subordinate unit that suffered line of duty or combat casualties while attached to the Battalion at Fort Hood and during national or foreign deployments with an official Guidon and custom casualty streamers for display at all reunions, we also welcome you to join your former veteran's as individuals or as a group so they may honor their fallen heroes at our reunions.

     Our reunions are low cost, quality "family friendly" affairs, that provide you a better time than just sitting around swapping war stories under a hot beer tent at some cheap motel.


If you would you like to organize the Veterans of your unit in a simple and inexpensive way, we can assist you.


"TO GET ORGANIZED," we will assist you in getting your unit Veterans notified. It's inexpensive and uncomplicated. It's as easy as setting up Email and Snail Mail Address Files on your computer.

     If you agree to served as your unit contact liaison, we will provide all of our History Project contact information specific to the veterans of your unit.  

     If you do not want to set up a formal group you can still participate as an individual or specific era related group in all 720th MP Battalion Reunion Association functions while we handel the notifications.

     Our Website can be used to organize and establish communications and contacts with the former veterans of your era. Like some, access to this website isn't restricted to membership only, there are no passwords needed to gain access, it is open worldwide to attract our and your veterans and give them and the general public access to their proud history of service.

     We can provide your unit or informal group with a message board specific to your veteran's, post a special events page, photographs, etc. You gather the information and send it in, and we will post it for you. Your only cost is membership in our association.

     And unlike a FaceBook Page, we do all the work for you. Our website is already established and easily located throughout the World Wide Internet so your unit group can be located via a simple Google search of your unit number, there are no hassles of filtering out unfriendly visitors, useless and repetitive blog posts, no repetitive review of unrelated friend-request links, no FaceBook spam, you can "permanently" delete your membership and personal links whenever you want, and your personal contact information and data is not digitally collected to be sold for commercial purposes.


NEWSLETTER Does you former unit or its command unit have a newsletter? The 720th Reunion Association does, its semiannual (June and December), and your unit or group news can be included.

     We will dedicate space with specific news information about the veterans of "your unit/group ," and for those veteran's of you unit that do not have internet access, your unit/group members report the information and we will do the rest in sending it out via PDF or mail.

REUNIONS Do you feel lost in the crowd of total strangers at large venue Vietnam era gatherings unrelated to your specific unit/group or tour dates?

     The 720th MP Battalion Reunion Association holds a reunion every two years. You are welcome to join us and attend as a formal unit or informal group, to proudly represent "your unit" at all reunion functions.

EXAMPLE The veterans of the Vietnam Era 615th MP Company have an informal group  that served from 1965 through 1973 that attends each Battalion reunion. If you would like to speak with a liaison from their group to learn about the benefits of attending our reunions, visit their website Home Page by clicking on their unit link above.



     Time passes quickly, for many its been over 45 years, and for many others who have yet to retire and are looking for former buddies from your service time, wouldn't it be great to have your unit communicate and gather as a group once again to share the friendships and camaraderie that was so important when you served.

     Don't procrastinate any longer, join us today, use this link to visit our How To Join Pages and if you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to give me a call at any time.

Of The Troops and (Always) For The Troops.

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