2016 Reunion
1-5 May at the Crown Plaza Airport Convention Center in "Historic" Charleston, SC

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This Page Last Updated on      11 April 2016

     Join us in honoring the service and sacrifices of our Soldiers of The Gauntlet and all other veterans that assisted or served with them in times of peace and conflict from 1942 through 2016.

   Remember were not getting any younger so lets enjoy the camaraderie while we still can.

    Our reunion is organized by Military Reunion Planners and the Reunion Association Board of Directors, and everything is ready to go! Just follow the simple directions below.

     We notify all our online veterans and Reunion Association Members by Email, and all our Reunion Association members without computers by Post Card or  a reunion package. This year everyone should have been notified no later than 28 February.

  The Association has been holding reunions since 1981. The current schedule is every second year.

     All of our reunions are "FAMILY FRIENDLY" and we do our best to keep the costs low without sacrificing quality to provide you with a great event, so do not hesitate to bring your spouse, children grandchildren, friends or significant others.


     The Charleston Crown Plaza hotel is located near the airport, shuttles are available to the hotel and to destinations within 3 miles of the hotel. Ample parking for reunion members is free. We have a spacious Hospitality Room open 16 hours a day, special tours, Memorial Program and Banquet Dinner that all will enjoy.


     You must be a current "Active" member of the 720th MP Battalion Reunion Association, Inc. or invited as a guest of an active member to attend under the associations rate umbrella.

     You ask why? Because the membership helps finance part of the reunion and your dues contribute to the event. For information on how to join the association CLICK HERE.

     Non Veteran Guests may attend but have to be sponsored by an Association Member. For questions on sponsorship contact Tom Watson at the Email Link or telephone number listed below.


EXCEPTIONS: Active duty members of the 720th MP Battalion, U.S. Army, Fort Hood, Texas; surviving immediate family members (Legacy Member) of an "active" Association Member who has passed from our ranks; or immediate surviving family members of a Battalion casualty, regardless era or of unit; are considered active members of the Reunion Association; they do not have to pay dues, and are invited and encouraged to attend all Reunions under the association rate umbrella.

     If your former unit doesn't hold reunions and it served attached (subordinate) to the 720th MP Battalion at Fort Hood, Texas, or during any overseas deployment since 1942, this is what we will do for you, CLICK HERE

        TO "LATE" REGISTER (After 1 April) FOR THE 2016 REUNION,

Just follow these simple steps.

     For any questions as to eligibility, sponsorship or the registration process for the 2016 reunion, please contact Tom Watson via Email mp720reunion@comporium.net or call 864-378-5503 (EST), "PLEASE DO NOT TEXT, you will not receive a reply"
Select from ALL to NONE (Step 3 Below), the choice of how you wish to spend your visit is entirely up to you, payment of registration fees are mandatory!
Last minute reunion registration may result in your inability to register for a specific Tour or Event.
You May Join At The Reunion
Personal Check, Money Order or Cash only!

Then Call This Number To Register

817-251-3551 Monday-Friday CST

The Patriots Point-Fort Sumter tour and the Hunley tour will be hard for people with limited mobility. For details Email or call Tom Watson (contact information listed above).

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