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LTC Empry D. Middleton

Commanding Officer of the 720th Military Police Battalion
1946 to 17 March 1947, Occupied Japan

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   LTC Middleton received command of the Battalion from LTC Phillip C. Lawton in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan.

   The Battalion assets were stationed in the Tokyo metropolitan area performing discipline, law and order duties.

        During his tour there was an extremely high percentage of turnover in personnel due to post war discharges and consolidation. Mission staffing suffered and an extensive training program continued.

        The Battalion provided officers and enlisted men to perform duties at the International Military (War Crimes) Tribunal for the Far East. They also furnished numerous special VIP details to escort the Emperor and the Empress of Japan. The VIPs included many high ranking military officers and civilians from the U.S. and allied countries.

On 17 March 1947 he passed command to LTC Chester. H. Meek.

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