The Lighter Side Of MP Duty
The General Used To Wipe My Seat

Personal Reflections

     “My Dad, who was commissioned in the field in France in WW I and was called back in WWII, was a friend of the commander of Fort Hamilton (near our home). The Commander invited our family to the Polo matches held at the fort, and to watch from his private box.

     The officer-in-charge of the box back then, and who wiped the seat for each of the commander’s guests, was a young lieutenant by the name of Robert L. Eichelberger.

      In 1946 that same young lieutenant was now my commanding general of the 8th Army in Japan. I had the satisfaction of stating to my fellow soldiers that... "Lt. Gen. Eichelberger is no big deal, he used to wipe my seat when I was a kid." 

PFC Sigurd J. "Sig" Arnesen, Jr. Able Company, 1946-1947.

GEN Eichelberger
PFC Arnesen
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