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Army Marksmanship Badges

     A Marksmanship Badge (Marksmanship Qualification Badges) is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces which is presented to service members upon successful completion of a weapons qualification course or high placement in an official marksmanship competition (known as Marksmanship Competition Badges).


     Marksmanship Qualification Badges are issued in the three grades: Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman.

     Suspended from the badge are qualification bars that indicate the specific weapon(s) in which the soldier/civilian has qualified.

     Marksmanship Competition Badges are awarded in gold, silver, and bronze or just silver and bronze (service dependent).

    The Army and Marine Corps are the only services that issue Marksmanship Qualification Badges (non-competition qualification).

     Marine Corps and Army recruits cannot exit initial (basic) training until a qualification of at least Marksman has been obtained. The Marine Corps only issues Marksmanship Qualification Badges for the pistol and rifle, while the Army issues Marksmanship Qualification Badges for a variety of weapons.

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