~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association History Project ~

Photo H0023: 2nd Platoon, 401st MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, III Corps, on Operational Readiness Test & Training (ORTT) exercise at West Fort Hood, Texas, February 1976. Standing Row Left to right: Jordon, SGT Wilson, Randy Mitchell, Elridge, SGT Odell, Bateman, Creary, Dick Karen. Kneeling Row, Left to Right: Wright. Lisa Garbs, Missy Rameriz, David Morgan. Front Row, Left to right: Moncota, Darwin Powell, Fred Maes, Paul Reed, Duke, Sitting; SFC Harris. Courtesy of SGT David Sullivan (MAJ Ret.), 401st MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, III Corps & 5th Army, Fort Hood, TX, February 1974-September 1976.

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