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Long Binh HQ Detachment
212th MP Company (Sentry Dog)
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   The 2nd platoon, Detachment-P HQ was located on Long Binh Post at the 3rd Ordnance Ammunition Supply Depot compound for billets and support. With about forty or so handlers and staff the detachment was the largest platoon of the company. Long Binh was then commonly referred to as LBJ, for "Long Binh Junction," which is really what it was to start with in 1965 and 1966. Later the acronym LBJ (Long Binh Jail) would become the nickname for the USARV Stockade.

   The detachment billets and kennels were housed in tents which eventually gave way to wooden framed structures. The tall trees in the area provided a much needed shade from the relentless heat and sun.

The 3rd Ordnance Ammo Supply Depot was built on the newly cleared Long Binh Post in early 1966 by members of the 46th Engineer Battalion. It eventually became one of the largest ammunition storage depots in Vietnam. Everything from aircraft bombs to small arms ammunition were stored on the 100 separate pads at the depot. The ammunition was distributed throughout III and IV Corps Tactical Zone allied bases in Vietnam. At that time the 212th MP Company was headquartered at in Pershing Field (Tent City), Saigon.

   The Long Binh Post Detachment was responsible for the physical security of the depot perimeter.

18th MP
89th MP
95th MP
720th MP

28 October A Viet Cong mortar round hit and ignited an ammunition pad loaded with 11,000 eight-inch shells at the 3rd Ordnance Ammunition Depot.   If any handlers that were working the shift can provide their story or additional photographs, please notify the History Project Manager via the Email Link.

   "The October 28th explosion was the result of a satchel charge, not a mortar round. We had a report that VC were spotted in the dump and were clearing the area when the pad went up. It hurled the shells (250 lbs) a mile over the compound, landing in a field behind our hootches. One hit a tree branch, broke the branch (big branch) and fell about twenty feet from the kennels." SP/4 Charles J. Hahn, 212th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, 1966 to 1967.

1966 Miscellaneous Photographs
Company Headquarters moved to Long Binh Post

March With the continuing buildup at Long Binh Post the older canvas and wooden structures used as billets, offices and kennels were replaced.

     The new aluminum framed Adam's Huts were cooler, not subject to termites and rot, had cement floors, and presented less of a fire hazard.

September Under the command of CPT James T. Reily the 212th moved its 1st Platoon and Company Headquarters to Long Binh Post from Pershing Field in Saigon. The 1st Platoon and HQ consisted of approximately 90 men.

        The 3rd Ordnance Supply Depot continued to expand and provided ammunition for most of III and IV Corps consisting of all types, from aircraft ordinance (bombs) to small arms.

   It has yet to be confirmed but it is believed that the 212th HQ and their 3rd Platoon moved out of the 3rd Ordnance compound to the location from which they operated for the remainder of their tour in Vietnam.   If anyone can provide any information in regards to this move please notify the History Project Manager via the Email Link.

   It was also during this time that the 212th requested volunteers for the formation of the new Scout Dog Unit to be housed at the Long Binh Detachment to assist the 720th MP Battalion Ambush & Recon mission in the Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR). For additional information visit the Scout Dog Unit.

1967 Miscellaneous Photographs
 Unidentified handler and K9 at the ammunition depot.
 Detachment sign.
 SP/4 James F.X. Gilmartin and his K9 .
The Tet New Years Offensive
31 January PFC Gordon Leroy Currier, age 22, of Independence, MO, was walking his post with his K9 partner Satch (M164) at the Long Binh Post 3rd Ordnance Ammunition Supply Depot. During the start of the Tet New Years Offensive the Viet Cong attacked the ammo storage facility perimeter at their post.

   PFC Currier and Satch defended their position against the initial assault. During the attack he was forced to move back to the base of a perimeter watch tower with his K-9 partner where they set up to again confront the enemy until they were overwhelmed by the attackers and killed by small arms fire.

   The Viet Cong sapper teams that over ran PFC Currier's position left behind timed satchel charges on the pads. EOD Teams were able to locate and disarm most of the hidden charges before four of the 100 pads detonated at 0800 hours.

1 October, 0055 Hours PFC Falibenbach of the 212th MP Company reported that Long Binh Post Bunker #548, Grid Coordinates [map location] YT 068052 received a burst of approximately seven to ten rounds of automatic weapons fire from 150 meters northeast of the bunker. Bunker personnel returned fire with unknown results, no injuries or damages were reported.
1968 Miscellaneous Photographs
The Post Tet New Years Offensive

23 February Two members of the 212th MP Company Scout Dog Unit were part of an eleven man B Company 720th MP Battalion Ambush Team, #76, stationed on Hill-15 in the Tactical Area of Responsibility during the Post Tet Offensive against Long Binh Post. The ambush team was credited with breaking the thrust of the attack on the Long Binh Post southern perimeter by the 274th North Vietnamese Army (NVA) Regiment, 5th NVA Division.

   The battle started at 0200 hours the morning of the 23rd and lasted well into the evening. As a result of their actions with the ambush team, SP/4 Melbourne R. "Mel" Steinhauer, Jr. and SP/4 David Monsour of the 212th MP Company, Scout Dog Unit were later awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor.   For additional details visit the Scout Dog Unit 1969 Time Line Page.

July Members of the 212th MP Company Long Binh Detachment treated a bus load of Thu Duc National Orphanage children to an excursion to their compound on Long Binh Post. Part of the festivities involved a meal and refreshments at the mess hall and a K9 demonstration. The men of the 12th adopted the orphanage as their charity of choice and spent many hours at the compound assisting in any way then could.
1 October CPT Robert P. Glassley assumed command of the 212th MP Company from CPT James H. Gebard.
1969 Miscellaneous Photographs
 SGT Joe Hamilton conducting guard mount.
 SP/4 Willoughby and "Willie," the Commo Chief.
 SP/4 Thrift at the Motor Pool.
 SP/4 Bill Page, and orphans in Saigon.
 Veterinary Tech. Dispensary.
The Transition To Vietnamization
Orderly Room
Arms Room
Ammunition Bunker
Training Compound
Kennels A & B
Kennels C & D
Kennel Bays
Kennel Bays

8 January   The "D'Grooves," a Philippine band performing at an Enlisted Men's Club.

April-May  Future ARVN (Army Of The Republic Of South Vietnam) dog handlers were given an orientation of the kennels and company operations. >

9 December CPT James D. Folsom assumed command of the 212th MP Company from 1LT Michael P. Sudnik.

1970 Miscellaneous Photographs
 SGT Kahn (Scout Dog Unit) and SP/4 Willoughby (Sentry Dog Unit) at the kennels.
 Unidentified members at the compound entrance.
 Vet Tech Hicks at the kennels.
 Unidentified Scout Dog Handler .
 Company Arms Room.
 Company Day Room.
 Handlers & K9's training.
 SP/4's Koe and Gates with SGT Soileau.
 Handlers & K9's training.
 Handlers & K9's training.
Intensified Vietnamization
3 June 1LT John T. Murray was assigned as the new Executive Officer (XO).
Guard Mount
"Dog Box Club" Day Room
1971 Miscellaneous Photographs
 Members in compound.
 K9 Snoopy.
 PFC Litton, PFC Colazzi, The "Chief," and SP/4 Heilgerman.
 SP/4 Walter Heilgerman.
 SP/4 Tom Testes
 SP/4 Charlie Daniels
 SP/4 Buck Owens
 Friend? & unidentified
 “MAC,” Willie Donohue, Unidentified, Charlie Daniels
 David H. Niemann, Willie Donohue, Unidentified
Preparing For Stand-Down

24 April The following movies were being shown at the 212th MP Company Long Binh Detachment from 25 April through 1 May 1972:

   Tuesday 25th, Little Hauss Big Halsey; Wednesday 26th, Marriage Of A Young Stockbroker; Thursday 27th, Underground; Friday 28th, Hauser's Memory; Saturday 29th, Kotch; Sunday 30th, Taste The Blood Of Dracula; Monday 1st, T.R. Baskin.

13 August The 720th MP Battalion was deactivated and left Vietnam for Fort Hood, Texas. It is unclear who the 212th was attached to until their departure. Records indicate that at this time the 212th was down to a platoon size, probably just the HQ Detachment who would have been subordinate to the 18th MP Brigade.

8 November The 212th Military Police Company (Sentry Dog) was deactivated in Vietnam. Its history as a Sentry Dog unit came to an end with the deactivation.

1972 Miscellaneous Photographs
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