Lai Khe Convoy
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18th Bde.

Lai Khe... base camp was located near the village of Lai Khe approximately 30 miles North of Saigon. It was the Headquarters for the 1st Infantry Division in III Corps Tactical Zone from October 1967 through October 1969

.        During that time other U.S. units also utilized the base camp, one was the 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).

1st ID
1968 ~ The "Iron Convoy"
14 March 1968 through 13 April 1968 Lai Khe Base Camp was subject to 26 separate North Vietnamese Army 122mm rocket attacks. As a result of these attacks, one US soldier was killed, 21 were wounded, two buildings were destroyed and five damaged. In addition, two vehicles were destroyed, six were damaged, and numerous small items of equipment were either destroyed or damaged. The 1st Infantry Division offensive operations were conducted as one part of a larger shield to counter any attempts by the North Vietnamese Army to launch major attacks against Saigon.
8 October The 720th MP Battalion became involved in convoy escorts for the 1st Infantry Division at Lai Khe when C Company transferred 1 officer, 1LT Herbert W. "Herb" Bradley, III, and 16 enlisted men from their Phu Loi Detachment to the 1st Infantry Division base camp at Di An.
Thunder Rd.

        Passing through Lai Khe, Highway-13, also known by the men that traveled it as "Thunder Road," was the main artery for supplies going Northwest to the Parrots Beak area near the Cambodian border and enemy sanctuaries. Keeping the highway open was vital to the numerous fire support bases along the border.

        They were attached to the Provost Marshal, 1st Infantry Division and aided the 1st MP Company in the mission of combat support by providing a Traffic Control Point (TCP) and escorts for two daily convoys to the 1st Infantry Division HQ at Lai Khe utilizing 2 gun jeeps and 6 MPs for each run. The Lai Khe convoy of the 1st Infantry Division was code named "Iron."
Briefing Form
If you participated in this convoy in 1969 and would like to contribute information, personal stories, or photographs, please use the Email Link above.
1970 ~ Vietnamization Program
February 27 The ARVN 5th Infantry Division officially took over control of the area of operations of the 1st Infantry and 1st Air Cavalry Divisions including the base at Lai Khe.
1972 ~ Communist Easter (Spring) Offensive
30 March B Company began ammunition resupply convoy escorts from Long Binh Post to Lai Khe during the Communist Easter (Spring) Offensive. The number and frequency of the escort duties were regulated by the enemy activity during the offensive and were rotated between all companies.
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