S1 Adjutant
~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association ~ Vietnam History Project ~
18th Bde.
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        The S1 is charged with staff responsibility for personnel management, matters pertaining to unit strength, morale, discipline, and miscellaneous administrative tasks.

Maintain unit strength reports.

Process wounded in action.

Process killed in action.

Process prisoners of war (PW).

Maintain unit morale.

Maintain discipline, law, and order.

1966-1967 CPT John B. Doyle
1967 CPT Roger J. Gaydos
1968 CPT Carl F. Hopp
1968 Assistant Adjutant 1LT Charles H. Pattie
1969 CPT James L. Wilson
1969 Assistant Adjutant 1LT Ben A. Hinson, II
1970 CPT Paul S. Fiasconaro
1970 CPT Raymond F. Cox
1971 CPT Robert C. Farmer, Jr.
1971 CPT Richard L. Chamberland
1971 Assistant Adjutant CW3 George W. Wright