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Photo G0568a Battalion Staff Officers 1970:    Standing, left to right: 1-CPT Harold D. Lockhart HHD S-4, 2-CPT Paul S. Fiasconaro Commanding Officer HHD, 3-CPT Ray G. Chisholm Commanding Officer A Co., 4-Unidentified LT, 5-CPT Ben Jones Commanding Officer B Co., 6-LT Surry P. Everett A Co., 7-CPT Richard R. Schuman Commanding Officer C Co., 8-1LT Russell J. Baker A Company, 9-CPT A. C. Boyd Commanding Officer 212th MP Co., 10-LT Jim Moran HHD, 11-CPT Jason R. Gettinger HHD, 12-Unidentified, 13-CPT Dennis Fogarty Commanding Officer 188th MP Company, 14-1LT George L. Foley, Jr. HHD, 15-CPT Jeffrey A. Gilbert Commanding Officer B Co., 16-WO2 Melvin Halfon HHD, 17-1LT Ben A. Hinson C Co. Seated, left to right: 18-CSM William J. Wilkinson HHD, 19-CPT Aaron J. Cunningham, Chaplain, 20-MAJ Nicholas N. Chronis Bn. XO, 21-LTC Henry N. Henry, Jr Bn. CO, 22-MAJ John Taylor HHD S3, 23-CPT James L. Wilson Bn. Adjutant, 24-Unidentified CPT.   If you can provide the name of the unidentified officers or their unit assignments, please notify the History Project Manager via this Email Link. If you appear in this photograph and would like a full sized copy (2,926 x 1,839 pixels) sent to you, use the same Email link. Courtesy of CPT Harold D. “Hal” Lockhart, B Company Commanding Officer & HQ Detachment S-4, 720th MP Battalion, March 1969 to March 1970.
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