~ 720th Military Police Battalion Vietnam History Project ~

Photo G0907: Unidentified handlers and K9's of the 3rd Platoon, Soc Trang Detachment L, 212th MP Company (Sentry Dog), 95th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, in Soc Trang (Khanh Hung), Ba Xuyen Province, IV Corps Tactical Zone Mekong Delta Region, South Vietnam in 1967. Back row, left to right, 1-unidentified, 2-unidentified, 3-unidentified. Front row, left to right, 4-unidentified, 5-unidentified, 6-unidentified, 7-unidentified, 8- SP/4 James A. Shine & Johann-458X.  If you can identify these MP's use this Email Link. Photograph by, Carl E. Bartecchi, M.D., author of, “Soc Trang: A Vietnamese Odyssey.” Rocky Mountain Writer's Guild, 1980. An Army flight surgeon who served at Soc Trang 1965-66. Courtesy of SP/4 James A. Shine, 212th MP Company, 95th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, January 1967 to December 1967.

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