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SGM Richard J. Hall

July 1960- 1 October 1966  ~ 720th Military Police Battalion, 4th Army, Fort Hood, TX

19 October 1966 to October 1967 ~ 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, South Vietnam

        SGM Hall accompanied the Battalion from Fort Hood, Texas to South Vietnam arriving with the bulk of the troops at Vung Tau on 19 October 1966.

        Currently available records do not indicate if he served his entire tour in South Vietnam with the Battalion.


     In his 23 years in the Army SGM Hall has served in an engineer battalion, an air base security battalion, several infantry regiments, an airborne infantry regiment and three military police battalions.

     SGM Hall began his varied career 10 October 1940 in Montgomery, Alabama at the age of 17. He was sent to the 24th (Colored) Infantry Regiment, Fort Benning, Georgia until January 1941 when he was transferred to the 366th (Colored) Infantry Regiment at Fort Devins, Massachusetts.

     In June 1942 he was sent to Camp Rucker, Alabama and served with the 905th Infantry Air Base Security Battalion until August 1942. He was transferred twice before going to the 1321st (Colored) Engineer Battalion at Camp Sutton, North Carolina in October 1943.

     It was with the 1321st that he was shipped overseas in October 1944, and promoted to First Sergeant of Headquarters Company. The unit landed at Epigony, France and assigned the task of clearing mine fields, building bridges and providing general engineer support to combat activities.

     In 1945 the unit was deployed to Okinawa to prepare for the invasion of the Japanese Home Island, when the war ended.

     FSG Hall was deployed to Japan with the 24th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division in February 1947, serving until July 1950 when his unit was rushed to South Korea.

     FSG Hall returned to South Korea in 1952 with the 2nd Amphibious Support Brigade in early 1953. The unit provided artillery support with amphibious tanks.

    He was sent back to Japan four months after the truce was signed in Korea, and resided at Chaffee Village with his wife and four children, two sons and two daughters. One son is a Navy veteran. He served in Japan until 1956 when he was assigned stateside with the 503rd MP Battalion at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

     In March 1959 he returned to South Korea with the 729th MP Battalion where he received his promotion to the rank of Sergeant Major.

     In July 1960 SMG Hall was transferred stateside to Fort Hood, Texas and the 720th MP Battalion.

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