~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association History Project ~
President Johnson's Funeral Security Detail
22-25 January 1973

   I don't think I took a camera with me on that trip. This operation happened in a big rush, and we didn't have time to fully prepare our gear. I think I borrowed a sleeping bag. We drove down to Austin, Texas in a convoy pulling trailers behind our jeeps. I don't remember where I slept the first night, but later we were at Bergstrom Air Force Base. I was not assigned to work near the funeral itself, and so I only remember boring guard duty with nothing important happening, some bad weather, and that we all got very little sleep.

   Some guys were assigned to work at LBJ's ranch house, and they came back with great stories about Ladybird Johnson coming out to bring them cookies. I also remember seeing several of the youngest Army Majors I had ever seen. They were in full dress uniforms and very tall and looked like actors; I heard they were escorts for the VIP's.

   SP/4 John M. Hyde, A Company (December 1971-June 1972), 615th MP Company (June-August 1972) Vietnam, 401st MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, September 1972-March 1972 Fort Hood, TX.

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