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3/4-Ton Utility Truck
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4 February 2018
720th MP
1942 ~ 1955     World War II & Tokyo, Occupied Japan

     Before 1941 and World War II most of the Army small utility trucks were constructed as 1/2 ton platforms. The earliest reference to the 3/4 ton platform (Dodge) was from 1943.

      The 3/4 Ton Truck served many very important tasks for the Battalion. Its primary task was transporting personnel, when the bench seats were folded down, and supplies and cargo when not. In combat arms and other support units the truck was also converted to a specialized gun platform, electronic field station, ambulance, telephone repair and wire splicing, field hot water heater carrier, etc.

     Photograph A0034: A member of the 720th MP Battalion, General Headquarters (GHQ) U.S. Forces Far East, in a weapons carrier in Papua New Guinea on 9 December 1943. Courtesy of the estate of 1SG Lemuel T. "Lem" Troster, by Donald L. and Gail James.

October 1966 ~ August 1972     Vietnam War
        When the Battalion arrived in Vietnam in October 1966 it was authorized by TO&E, five 3/4 ton trucks.


     The trucks were especially useful in the Battalion Tactical Area Of Responsibility (TAOR) to transport Ambush & Recon, River Patrol teams, enemy POW's and for resupply of three of the four Battalion Outpost's. In the TAOR all the roadways were narrow, single lane and unpaved.

     The 212th MP Company (Sentry Dog) utilized it in much the same way to transport handler teams to their duty stations and for detachment resupply.

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