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Armored Personnel Carrier C106
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"Crispy Critter"
The Crew Members
     The source and origin of the name and logo "Crispy Critter" remains unknown.
     The words 2nd Herd stand for 2nd Platoon, and the source for the name "Jean" on the top of the left fender is unknown.



18th MP
89th MP
720th MP

Wanted: If you can provide the names of crew members, who designed or painted the Logo, or photographs of and stories about APC C106 "Crispy Critter," please use the Email Link provided above.


18 May 1971 The Battalion realigned the combat support and combat service support missions within Military Region III the were previously accomplished by both A and C Company. Both companies had similar missions of staffing remote detachment provost marshal offices and convoy escort duties within the region. The realignment resulted in A Company assuming responsibility for all the region's organic provost marshal duties and C Company assuming responsibility for all convoy escort duties.


     The name and logo first appeared sometime in 1972.

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