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Armored Personnel Carrier C111
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In some instances the nicknames of the Cars changed with each new Car Commander and crew.
   Regardless of MOS if you served on or participated in the repair of any Battalion V100 and would like to contribute any information, personal stories, documents, media articles, photographs, or, if you can provide information on any missing nicknames and logos for this Car, or crew members not listed, please take a moment to contact the History Project Manager at the Email Links provided for you. Your contributions are important to the recording of the Battalion history and always welcomed here.
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18th MP
89th MP
720th MP
"Try Me"
To pass along information or questions about "Try Me," please use this Email Link.
The Crew Members
Wanted: The missing names and photographs of  the crew members, and any information on who designed the Logo, please use the Email Link provided above.
     The source and origin of the name and logo "Try Me" remains unknown. The bulls eye logo clearly shows the meaning of the nickname.

APC History- On 18 May 1971 The Battalion realigned the combat support and combat service support missions within Military Region III the were previously accomplished by both A and C Company. Both companies had similar missions of staffing remote detachment provost marshal offices and convoy escort duties within the region. The realignment resulted in A Company assuming responsibility for all region provost marshal duties and C Company assuming responsibility for all convoy escort duties.

     C Company APC C111 "Try Me" name and logo first appeared sometime in 1971.

Wanted: Additional photographs and stories of  APC C111 "Try Me," please use the Email Link provided above.
Miscellaneous Photographs
The photograph numbers followed by a "?" require your assistance with identification.
 1971- APC "Try Me" and "Prize Fighters" at Bao Loc.
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