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Orderly Regulation
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     The Manager of the 720th Military Police Battalion History Project reserves the right to edit any information that is provided for inclusion, and deny posting of any information that is deemed unrelated, unsuitable, or inappropriate for inclusion to this veterans website.

     No anonymous submissions will be considered unless accompanied by verifiable documentation of their historical significance and authenticity.

     The use of an pseudonym may be granted, but only after the true identification of the author or contributor is properly verified by the Project/Website Manager.

      The language used on these pages was the accepted norm at the time the history was being recorded. In recent years some of it has been deemed unacceptable by certain parts of society and denounced for reasons of "social justice." Political correctness and the editing of factual history for any reason is not practiced on this website.

      There are also times in which profanity has been used. profanity is a form of expression and was often used by Veterans to make an emotional point. Since profanity is constantly changing: Words that may have been considered offensive 50 years ago may be perfectly acceptable today, and vice versa. The only editing of vulgarity by this website occurs when it is used too frequently or in a disparaging manner unrelated to an historical event.

     Please direct any questions or comments to the History Project Manager at mp720history@comporium.net


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