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Soldiers Of The Gauntlet
memories of the
720th Military Police Battalion
United States Army
1942 - 1992
This book is available only through the 720th MP Battalion Reunion Association.

   A collection of short stories, reflections, official documents and photographs from the members of the 720th MP Battalion covering: World War II; the Occupation of Japan; Korea; Vietnam; Panama; and Desert Storm.  Materials were submitted by members from the ranks of Private to General, with a preface by Jean MacArthur, wife of the late General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.

   Compiled and Edited by
SP4 Eric J. Berryman, RA
William C. Truckey, MA
Professor of English and Humanities
Lewis and Clark Community College
Godfrey, Illinois

   Published as a not-for-profit project of the 720th Military Police Battalion Association, Inc.© in support of the 50th Anniversary of WWII Commemorative  Community  Program.   Library  of  Congress  number


The Battalion's History In South Vietnam
   After twelve years of research this two-volume set (each volume may be purchased separately) is now available online in paperback; or, in hardcover for those who want a lasting memento to pass along to your children.  These books are also prefect for other past and present MP's who want to know what Military Police duty in Vietnam was all about.
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"We did it all and then some!"
(700 pages with Maps & Photos)

   Follow a generation of Soldiers Of The Gauntlet who came of age during the turbulent and divisive years of the 1960's & 70's through their preparation, deployment and service in South Vietnam.  Using official records and the personal accounts of Battalion veterans of all ranks and ages, it takes you on a chronological tour from their first day in-country until their last.  Learn of the history of the Vietnamese people, its military, civil police and the ever-elusive enemy; the Allies; subordinate units; and, geography and areas of operation.

   In South Vietnam the tactical approach to war changed drastically with the new concept of the nonlinear battlefield.  The Military Police took the initiative and through its speed; mobility; and, the tenacity and bravery of its troops; MPs quickly learned to adapt to the new style of counterinsurgency's hit and run, guerilla warfare, by an always-elusive enemy.  Follow their combat support missions; convoy escorts; discipline-law-and-order duties; and, POW security and transport missions that made the 720th the workhorse, go-to Battalion of the 89th MP Group in the III and IV Corps Tactical Zones of Vietnam.

   A separate chapter is also dedicated to their dangerous and unique Operation OVERTAKE mission of day and night convoy escorts along "Rocket Alley" of Highway 1A, between Long Binh and the Newport Docks in Saigon.

   You will finally see the big picture of how the blood, sweat, tears and toils of the Soldiers Of The Gauntlet and their subordinate units affected the overall war effort.  Learn how the military police of the Vietnam era were rewarded for their efforts when the Military Police Corps was finally designated by the Department of the Army as a combat support as well as service branch.

   The lessons learned by the MPs in the cities and villages; jungles and rice paddies; and, on the roadways and rivers of South Vietnam, were the building blocks used for the foundation of today's Military Police Corps.  Regardless of what unit you served with, if you are a Military Police veteran of the Vietnam era this book finally provides you and the Military Police Corps with a clear and concise documentation of a history of service to be proud of.

  To read the Veterans' reviews of both volumes, click on this LINK.

"Operation STABILIZE"
(578 pages with Maps & Photos)

   The story of the three-year history of a traditional, Military Police Battalion being assigned the previously unheard of mission of light infantry, counterinsurgency warfare in South Vietnam.  The first time in the history of the United States Armed Forces that a Military Police Battalion was tasked with such a mission; and, placed in direct operational control of a Tactical Area Of Responsibility (TAOR) and authority for the direct control of infantry, air, armor and artillery elements when called upon for support.  At the time there was no precedent for it.

   Long Binh Post was the new home for the U.S. Army Republic of Vietnam (USARV) Headquarters complex, and a dedicated proactive U.S. unit was needed to deny the enemy access to its traditional southern approach routes to Bien Hoa, and eliminate their close-in strike capability of Long Binh Post and USARV.  USARV assigned the mission to the 18th Military Police Brigade; and, they assigned it to the 89th Military Police Group's go-to Battalion, the 720th.

   Follow the exploits of the Battalion's Village Outpost's Liaison staff; River Patrol; Ambush & Reconnaissance; and, Civic Action patrols as they clear, pacify and defend the four villages within the 22 square mile area located within the III Corps Tactical Zone of Bien Hoa Province, Republic of Vietnam.

  You will see the big picture of how the blood, sweat, tears and toils of the Soldiers Of The Gauntlet affected the overall war effort and contributed to the Military Police Corps finally being recognized by the Department of the Army as a Combat Support-Service branch of the U.S. Army.  Their ability to quickly adapt and improvise to their new and unique Infantry mission in the villages, jungles and rice paddies, and on the roadways and back rivers of the TAOR showed that they not only fulfilled their primary security mission along the southern border of Long Binh Post, but also returned the now secure area to the control of the local government and people.

   If you are a Battalion veteran of the Vietnam era, it will finally provide you and the Military Police Corps with a clear and concise documentation of a history of service to be proud of.

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