Personal Biography
~ 720th Military Police Battalion Vietnam History Project ~
18th Bde.

PFC James R. Brunotte
B Company, 720th Military Police Battalion
89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade
August 1968 to 1 October 1968

Honorably Discharged

James R. Brunotte
2311 Azure Ln.
Vista, CA. 92083-8609



        Jim enlisted in the Army for Military Police after receiving his draft notice. While at MP School he was made a Squad Leader for his training class. Upon graduation he was assigned as a driver for Colonel Brandenberg, the Commanding Officer of the MP School at Fort Gordon, Georgia. When the Colonel went to Vietnam Jim also volunteered.

        After arriving in Vietnam he was assigned to B Company where he discovered his friend and former Assistant Squad Leader from MP School, PFC Robert Alicea had also just arrived from Germany.

        Both were assigned to Outpost #1 in the Village of An Xuan in the B Company Tactical Area Of Responsibility (TAOR).

        On 1 October 1968 Jim and PFC Alicea were finishing one of several uneventful routine supply runs between Outpost #1 and Outpost #2 which was located on the outskirts of Long Hung Village. While returning to Outpost #1 down the long narrow dirt roadway separating the rice paddies, their jeep ran over a powerful Viet Cong land mine. Jim was severely wounded lousing both legs, part of his left arm and was blinded in one eye, PFC Alicea died at the scene.

        Since the war Jim has involved himself in providing support and guidance to others who have suffered from severe physical disabilities and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, and won national recognition for his efforts.

        Among the many honors were: Handicapped Coloradoan of the year in 1971; Disabled American Veteran 1975; Handicapped Californian 1976; and Handicapped American of the year 1979, presented by President Jimmy Carter.

        In June of 1995 Jim returned to Vietnam to visit the Tactical Area of Responsibility, particularly, An Xuan Village where he served in Outpost #1. During the trip he was fortunate enough to meet with a former and well respected B Company, Popular Forces Soldier, CPL Lee Van Moun who worked with the ambush teams for B Company. While there his group also provided much needed assistance with Vietnamese language Bibles and much needed materials for a Leper Colony hospital.

2002 Reunion at Fort Hood, Texas
        Jim still continues to remain active in assisting Veterans through the Point Man Ministries.

        "If I can show them (other Vietnam Veterans and people with disabilities) where the answer is, I wouldn't hesitate going down that road again."..... Jim Brunotte


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