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SGT Jewell Fletcher Dodge
C Company, 720th MP Battalion
, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade

Killed In Action ~ 11 July 1967 ~ Vietnam

They Say,
our deaths are not ours,
they are yours,
they will mean what
you make of them.

They say,
we leave you our deaths,
give them some

Archibald MacLeish
poet and WWI


The family of SGT Dodge would like to hear from anyone that served with him in Viet Nam. If you would like to correspond with them, please use this Email Link  to notify the History Project Manager.

        On Tuesday, 11 July 1967, SGT Jewell Fletcher Dodge, age 37, from Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, was assigned to the C Company Detachment at the 1st Infantry Division base at Quan Loi in Binh Long Porvince.

     During an intense Viet Cong small arms and mortar attack on the post at 0145 hours (1:45AM), he scrambled to his assigned bunker and gave his M-16 rifle to a young soldier who in the confusion arrived at the bunker unarmed. SGT Dodge then exposed himself to the incoming mortar rounds to return to his tent to obtain another rifle for himself. While returning to his tent he was struck by fragmentation from an exploding mortar round and lay exposed and severely wounded.

     SP/4 Tommy King, also of C Company, went to the aid of his wounded squad leader. After attempting to render first aid, SP/4 King went to obtain further medical assistance. His attempts to obtain medical aid failed so he again exposed himself to hostile fire in assisting in the evacuation of SGT Dodge to a medical aid station.

     SGT Dodge died from his wounds later that day.

     13 July, 0830 Hours At 8:30 AM, Memorial Services for SGT Dodge were held in the 720th MP Battalion Chapel on Long Binh Post.


Article from a local newspaper.


     On Tuesday, 18 July 1967 funeral services were held for SGT Dodge at the Carter Chapel is in Thayer, Missouri. SGT Dodge was interned at Baker Cemetery Hardy, Arkansas.

     Later his family had SGT Dodge moved closer to home and he was interned in a cemetery in Texas nearer his family.

Photographs Courtesy of the Dodge family.


     In November 1967, SP/4 King was awarded a Bronze Star for Valor for his actions in attempting to save the life of SGT Dodge.

--- General / Personal ---
Last name: DODGE
Home of Record (official): MAMMOTH SPRING
State (official): AR
Date of Birth: Tuesday, July 8, 1930
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Marital Status: Married

--- Military ---
Branch: Army
Rank: SGT
Serial Number: 18293671
Component: Regular
Pay grade: E5
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty code): 95B40

--- Action ---
Start of Tour: Saturday, October 1, 1966
Date of Casualty: Tuesday, July 11, 1967
Age at time of loss: 37
Casualty type: (A1) Hostile, died
Reason: Multiple fragmentation wounds (Ground casualty)
Country: South VietNam
Province: Binh Long
The Wall: Panel 23E - Row 050



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