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SGT Bruce E. Horner
127th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade

Killed In Action ~ 1 June 2007 ~ Iraq


They Say,
our deaths are not ours,
they are yours,
they will mean what
you make of them.

They say,
we leave you our deaths,
give them some

Archibald MacLeish
poet and WWI

There is no contact information on file for the next of kin.

        On 1 June SGT Horner, age 43, of Newport News, Virginia, was assigned to a search operation for three missing U. S. soldiers believed captured by the enemy on 12 May. During a cordon and search operation in Seddah he was shot by a sniper and died from his wounds.

        The 127th Military Police Company, was assigned subordinate to the 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade in Iraq. The 127th MP Company was on deployment to Iraq from the 709th Military Police Battalion, 18th Military Police Brigade, Darmstadt, Germany.

"Though I am his wife over here, you were his family over there…”


        I've been thinking about what to write all weekend. Thank you in advanced for reading this. And please thank the chaplain and everyone there for their support to my 127th MP family. Please read the below aloud:

        For those of you who don't know me, my name is Erin Horner, Bruce's wife. I cannot imagine what you all must be going through. The pain is indescribable. Though I am his wife over here, you were his family over there. Words cannot express my gratitude for what you are doing.

        What I want you to know about Bruce is that first and foremost, he was and still is a man of God. He knew the Lord, and has now met Him face to face. I too, know the Lord and love the Lord, which is how I am able to write this to you. God has given me strength that I cannot describe. I KNOW, without a doubt, that God CHOSE Bruce on June 1, 2007 for a reason and I will never question his motive. My prayer is that God will continue to watch over each and every one of you and return you all home safely to your loved ones.

       Bruce's life was taken on that fatal day but his memories will live forever in all of us. Please call me if there is anything that I can do for you, and know I mean that. If you just want to talk, that's Ok, if you want to call and can't find the words, that's Ok too. Know that there is no right or wrong answer. You can feel free to say whatever you want, and don't worry about how it comes out, it would just be an encouragement to me to hear your voice. You all have all my love, thoughts, and prayers.

       May God bless each one of you, and may he continue to bless your families and our nations.

Letter to CPT Darren Johnson, CO 127th MP Company courtesy of the 720th MP Battalion Newsletter - Gauntlet Forward

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