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Forward Operation Base's (FOB/Camps) Iraqi Theater

        As in most wars bases are established by the first units to occupy the area. When the units move on or are replaced by new units, the bases are renamed. The normal progression starts with names to evoke the warrior spirit or name of the unit occupying the area, names of specific casualties, and towards the end of the occupation the names are changed to reflect the country or area history to promote civic relations. As the area is secured the term FOB is replaced by "Camp." Such is the progression in Iraq.

        If you notice any errors, missing names or can provide any photographs of additional details, please take the time to notify the History Project Manager via the Email Link at the top right of this page.

~ US Military/Coalition Name ~
~ Arabic Name or Location ~
Camp Rustamiyah
Al-Watani (Patriot)
Kirkuk Aiforce Base
see  Camp Renegade
Camp Rustamiyah
Ar Ramadi
Located in Tikrit
FOB Warrior
see  Camp Renegade
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