~ 720th Military Police Battalion Vietnam History Project ~

Photo G0178: Members of the 615th MP Company, Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) in Military Region-I, Da Nang Vietnam along with their mascot Bloodhound, Andy, just before deactivation on 28 March 1973. This is believed to be the last photo taken of the company during the Vietnam War. 1- CPT Joseph Wooten, 2- FSG George Krishner, 3- unidentified, 4- SP/4 Boyd ?, 5- SP/4 Bruce E. Burnham, 6- SSG Arthur T Weaver, 7- unidentified, 8- SP/4 Lawrence Sturgis, Sr., 9- SP/4 Wright ?, 10- SP/4 Frank M. Fucaloro, 11- unidentified, 12- SP/4 Leroy H. Berg, 13- SGT Gleason ?, 14- unidentified, 15- SSG Arthur “Poncho” Rivera, 16- SFC Earl H. "Bud" Shott, Jr., 17- SP/4 Robert D. Baum, Sr., 18- CPT Robertson, 19- unidentified. If you can identify any of these unnamed soldiers or missing first names, please use this Email Link. Photo Courtesy of the Military Police Journal
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