~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~
Photo G0526: B Company, 720th MP Battalion, Ambush Team #77, in An Hoa Hung Village, Vietnam in 1969. Left to right, back row: SP/4 John L. “Larry” Puckett, PFC Robert L. “Poncho” Escobar, unidentified, SP/4 Charles A. Fonze, Middle row: SP/4 Paul R. Hrip, SP/4 William J. Hurley, SSG Ronald Robinson, SP/4 Michael J. “Rizz” Rizzo, front: PFC William L. “Moe” Mohollen. If anyone can identify any of these men use this Email Link. Courtesy of SP/4 William L. “Moe” Mohollen, B Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, September 1968 to December 1969.
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