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Photo G0616: 1LT Kenneth G. Orth, B Company and later HQ Detachment S-2, 720th MP Battalion, is sitting at a table in the Buddhist Compound that would later be Outpost #2, just outside of Long Hung Village in the 720th MP Battalion Tactical Area of Responsibility, III Corps Tactical Zone, Bien Hoa Province, Vietnam in the fall of 1967. The table is just outside of what would later become MP quarters at the outpost. The cots in the background may indicate that this was taken sometime during Operation CORRAL or that MPs were stationed permanently at the new outpost when it was taken. Courtesy of CPT Michael E. Lenhart (COL Ret.), A Company 720th Military Police Battalion & Headquarters Detachment, 95th Military Police Battalion, September 1967 to September 1968.

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