~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project~
Photo G1079, Battalion Staff Early 1969: Front row, left to right: 1-CPT Jimmie H. Rich (Commanding Officer B Company), 2- CPT Michael V. Walsh, (Mess Officer HQ&HQ Detachment), 3- CPT Charles E. Hobbs, (Commanding Officer 212th MP Company), 4- MAJ William F. Weaver (Battalion Executive Officer), 5- LTC Robert M. O’Malley, Sr. Battalion Commanding Officer, 6- Burton E. Morrow (Battalion Sergeant Major), 7- LT Joseph Smith (A Company), 8- 1LT Robert G. Simes (C Company); Middle Row: 9- 1LT Richard A. Emanuel (Battalion Signal Officer), 10- CPT Donley W. Brothers (Battalion S4), 11-CPT George A. Loftin (Battalion S2), 12-CPT Carl F. Hopp (Battalion S1), 13- LT Randy Huttstettler (Battalion Assistant S3), 14- CPT Douglas C. Cobb (Battalion Motor Officer), 15- 1LT Ben A. Hinson (Battalion S1); Back row: 16- 1LT Earl G. “Duke” Walling (A Company), 17-1LT Allan L. Joslin (B Company), 18- 1LT Jeffrey P. Smith (XO A Company), 19- 1LT Edward R. Mendez, (XO B Company), 20- 1LT Herb W. Bradley, (XO C Company), 21- 1LT Robert Binder (XO 212th MP Company), 22- 1LT Richard Franklin (C Company). This photograph was taken on Long Binh Post in Bien Hoa Province, III Corps Tactical Zone, South Vietnam. Courtesy of 1LT Herb W. Bradley, III, C Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, October 1968-October 1969.
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