~ 720th Military Police Battalion Vietnam History Project ~
Photo G1308: Members of the A Company, 720th MP Battalion Detachment, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade Bearcat Detachment and Signalman Bruce R. Meakins of the 104th Signal Squadron, Royal Australian Forces Vietnam, Bearcat Detachment await the arrival of MACV Commanding General Craighton W. Abrams at the joint Bearcat base camp of the 9th Infantry Division & Royal Thai Army Black Panther Regiment on Highway QL-15 in Bien Hoa Province of III Corps Tactical Zone, South Vietnam on 20 June 1969. Left to right; unidentified (standing); SM Bruce R. Meakins (sitting); SP/4 Robert Herrera (kneeling), SSG Ronald Hogans, SP/4 Liston A. Georges (standing). If you can provide a name or unit for the unidentified soldier, use this Email Link. Courtesy of Signalman Nicholas John Quigley, 104th Signal Squadron, Royal Australian Forces Vietnam, May-September, 1969.
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