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Sadness In Xuan Loc
Christmas 1968 

   I can't recall what I did at the start of the day. I know we had an aluminum tree in our hooch. I had my mother send it to us. I don't recall any special plans.

    When I was about to enter the day room, CPT Smith hollered at me to get my attention. He asked, "Perfin, you're Catholic?" I answered, "Yes." He then told me that Charlie had thrown grenades in on the people attending Midnight Mass at the church at Xuan Loc. It resulted in six people killed and others injured. The day became like any other day in Nam.

   Thomas McKeon and I later celebrated the day. It was a memorable day.

   I regretted that I never visited the cathedral. After returning home, and many years later, I learned that Xuan Loc was the Catholic core in South Viet Nam and the most bitter fighting was encountered at Xuan Loc by the NVA when they overtook the country.

   SP/4 Harry R. Perfin, A Company.

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