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They Don't Have Bob Hope
Christmas 1968 

   On Christmas Eve 1968 I had a couple of "cold ones" with some guys from Charlie Company. I did miss being at home, as I remember it was the first time I was away during the holidays. I was celebrating my birthday (Christmas eve). 

   The next day I went to the Bob Hope Christmas show. I had a good time and was standing near the gates when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and found a high school classmate. He had seen me walking by. It made it a better day when you met someone who knew you from the "real world".

   The whole year went by in a flash. I look back and it all blends together. I look at the names on the web site and remember about a dozen guys.
    I do pray for the troops in harms way this year but I know that by in large they are older than we were and have great leadership.

   One thing they don't have is Bob Hope.

   SP/4 Michael J. Van Fossen, C Company.

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