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720th Finds Enemy Rocket Launch Site
March or April 1969 An enemy 122mm Katusha Rocket launch site was discovered during an overflight of the Battalion Tactical Area Of Responsibility (TAOR). CPT Harold D. "Hal" Lockhart, Commanding Officer of B Company, was an observer in a light observation helicopter of the 120th Assault Helicopter Company "The Deans." He was on a routine reconnaissance overflight of the TAOR when the prop wash from the rotor blades parted the vegetation below revealing six enemy rockets sitting on their launchers on the jungle floor. No enemy ground troops were observed in the immediate area so CPT Lockhart dropped a total of seven hand grenades on the site. There were two secondary explosions.

     CPT Lockhart then called in a Cobra Gun Ship from Bien Hoa Airbase, and it strafed the area with its 40mm cannon and 7.62mm mini-gun resulting in two additional secondary explosions.  CPT Lockhart returned to Long Binh Post and MAJ William F. Weaver, Executive Officer of the 720th, joined him in the chopper for one last reconnaissance mission over the area before darkness set in.

     During a final pass they observed three rockets on launchers and called Bien Hoa Airbase requesting a "Hunter Killer Team" to assist. The three choppers arrived and strafed the site with their guns causing two secondary explosions. Further actions were ended due to the darkness and the air assets returned to Long Binh Post.

     Throughout the night "Fire Fly" helicopters patrolled the area, and no enemy activity was reported.

     In the morning preparations were made to insert two B Company Ambush & Recon teams in the area to make a sweep. Before the squads were landed a concentrated artillery barrage of one-hundred and fifty 155mm high explosive rounds pounded the area. During the sweep the MP squads discovered a total of six 122mm Katusha Rockets, their launchers, and an enemy bunker complex. The MPs destroyed the rockets and bunkers before being extracted from the area.

     B Company members that participated in the ground reconnaissance mission were, 1LT Ed Mendez, Executive Officer, LT Jenson(?), SP/4 Harry G. Glass, and others yet identified.
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