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Operation Joint Endeavor-Guard
December 1995 US and allied nations deployed the Implementation Force (IFOR), peacekeeping forces to Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor. Task Force Eagle, comprised of 20,000 American soldiers, to implement the military elements of the Dayton Peace Accords in support of Operation Joint Endeavor.
   This operation marked the first commitment of forces in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) history as well as the first time since World War II that American and Russian soldiers have shared a common mission.

   In the first three months of operations, Air Force mobility forces flew 3,000 missions, carried over 15,600 troops and delivered more than 30,100 short tons of cargo.

   The European Command's ARG/MEU(SOC) was assigned as theater reserve for NATO forces, while Naval Mobile Construction Battalions 133 and 40 constructed base camps for implementation force personnel.

June-October 1995 A Marine Corps unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) squadron, VMU-1, supported the operation with Pioneer UAV imagery both to U.S. and multinational units.

14 December 1995 Following the NATO-imposed cease-fire, halting the destructive four-year Balkan conflict, the General Framework Agreement for Peace was signed.

2 December President Clinton addresses U.S. Troops in Baumholder, Germany.
   Under the Multinational Division (North) (MND(N)) and Task Force Eagle, the United States 1st Armored Division, as part of NATO's Allied Command Europe, Rapid Reaction Corps, was ordered to Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of Operation Joint Endeavor.
1st AD
20 December 1995 Task Force Eagle was formed and assumed control of its area of responsibility. 31 December 1995 After the historic bridging of the Sava River, the 1st Armored Division, with supporting Forces from the Fifth U.S. Corps, was joined by Nordic-Polish, Turkish and Russian Brigades - in total: 12 Nations. These nations include,
   Task Force Eagle, one of the most powerful formations ever fielded, enforced the cease fire, supervised the marking of boundaries and the zone of separation between the former warring factions, enforced the withdrawal of the combatants to their barracks and the movement of heavy weapons to designated storage sites. Task Force Eagle also supported the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's efforts to administer the country's first ever, democratic national elections.
10 November 1996 The 1st Armored Division transferred authority for command and control of MND(N) and Task Force Eagle to the 1st Infantry Division. The 1st Infantry Division deployed as a covering force (CFOR) to allow the safe return of the 1st Armored Division units to their home bases in Germany.
1st ID

20 December 1996 The Implementation Force (IFOR) mission came to a successful conclusion and the 1st Infantry Division was selected to continue serving in Bosnia as part of the new Stabilization Force (SFOR). This decision brought to close the mission of Operation Joint Endeavor and has been the beginning for the current operation known as Operation Joint Guard.

2006 Although much smaller in number, U.S. and allied peace keeping forces still remain on duty.

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