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     Your Website is the largest, most detailed and accurate of any United States Army military unit found on the Internet, and it grows larger and more detailed every day thanks to the pride, interest and participation of its Veteran's.

        Before you continue to the Timeline we thought you might better understand how the information was collected and displayed by visiting this page.

        In this (unofficial) Historical Timeline of the 720th Military Police Battalion we start with the inception of the Battalion in 1942 and take you yearly through its history to its current assignments.

        Wherever available we include daily activities obtained from Battalion, S-3 (operations), S-2 Intelligence & Security, Daily Staff Journal or Duty Officers Logs, After Action Reports, unit Rosters, Special & General orders, and quarterly Operations Reports Lessons Learned.

        Many of the log entrees and official reports have been edited, expanded, or rearranged to improve continuity and clarity of the events occurring for those of you viewing this site that have no military experience.

        Whenever possible information on military and specific MP related acronyms, abbreviation's and slang have been identified in [brackets] or linked directly to a glossary page.

        Some log entrees have also been excluded to eliminate non pertinent repetition of “non essential” daily routines. Wherever possible the names of personnel mentioned in the original documents and records have been expanded to include proper rank, nicknames, first names, middle initials and their specific units and responsibilities.

        Please understand that the many of the official documents do not show everything that was taking place, so we often rely on and invite all former unit veterans to submit their stories and reflections of their tour.

        Many events were also recorded on other unit forms and reports that are no longer available or are still classified as secret. Efforts will be made to obtain all unclassified document's pertinent to the operations of all of the Battalions organic units.

        The majority of the photographs and documents you will find in this Timeline are historically true to the specific events being reported and were taken before, during or after the event. The photographs come from official archives, veterans of the Battalion and from veterans of other units that also had access to the locations and observed or participated in the actual events.

        Due to the controversy surrounding the Vietnam era, we have also included throughout the Battalion's Vietnam Timeline, notations of major political and societal events that occurred in the United States and other countries and regions of the world and that had an impact both politically and personally on the war and the morale of the veterans of the Battalion and their loved ones at home.

         Specific events in the Timeline also correspond with the Battalion's subordinate and organic unit histories and profiles when relevant. This was done to provide additional room for a more detailed account of notable events and additional photographs.

        If you notice any broken links, errors or omissions, or would like to contribute additional details, photographs, or other documentation of the events listed in this Timeline, or have information and materials relating to events not yet listed, please contact the History Project Manager via the email link located in the upper right hand corner of each Timeline page.

        The Website and Project Manager of the 720th MP Battalion History Project reserves the right to edit and/or deny posting of any information that is deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for inclusion to this veterans website. No anonymous submissions will be considered unless accompanied by verifiable documentation of their historical significance and authenticity.

        Thank you for your interest and valued assistance,

Thomas T. Watson

History Project and Website Manager.

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