~ 720th Military Police Battalion History Project ~
The History Of Battalion Vehicles
This Page Last Updated   5 January 2018

720th MP
   This index involves all organic Battalion vehicles from 20 January 1942 to 1983. Battalion veterans regardless of MOS, please feel free to submit your personal observations, stories, documents or photographs. If you have any submissions, questions, notice any errors or omissions, use the Email links on each vehicle page.
Sedan Patrol Car
1/4 Ton (4X4) Truck - Jeep
3/4 Ton (4X4) Truck
2&1/2Ton (6x6) Truck - Deuce & A Half
M8 Armored Car
River Patrol Boats
M274 Mechanical Mule
M113 Armored Personnel Carrier - (APC)
Cadillac Gage M107 Armored Commando Car - (V100)
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