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     This website will be under constant revision as new information, documents, and photographs are obtained. Many years of research of historical archival documents, media documents, members memorabilia, as well as personal interviews of the veterans of the units profiled on this website were conducted to verify as best we could the accuracy of the information presented.

     Please forgive any errors or omissions, many of the archival materials being sought have yet to be located, and some that were obtained were in poor condition. If you notice an error or omission, or can provide missing information, please bring it to the immediate attention of the History Project Manager. Direct email links are included on many of the pages to facilitate communication and collect information.

     Our goal is to insure that this information fairly and accurately represents the collective history and events that were shared by the veteran's of the respective units.

     Your dedication and active participation in this project can insure that this goal will be met and constantly maintained, and that the memories and contributions of those members whose lives were lost in this endeavor, as well as the many others who have passed on since will not be forgotten, and that this history will survive as our legacy to those of future generations who fill our ranks as the new Soldiers Of The Gauntlet.

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