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February 2015

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     This page has been created as a convenience so that only those veterans, family and legacy members who are dues paying members of the Reunion Association have direct access to it for new monthly website updates.

      The updates were previously posted on the website Home Page. The change was made as an incentive for all Battalion veterans that access the website to join the Association and financially support it with their dues. Each month only members of the Association will receive the link via Email. To insure it is not compromised, the link will be changed each month.

      Other visitors to the website will still continue to have open access to all of its content.

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New Photographs Posted


Other Updates

I am still updating the format and content of the Vietnam Era 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 Battalion Timeline pages.

The process also involves reorganizing the Reunion Associations History Project textual Battalion Veterans Archive Files (3,000+ pages), Timeline files (1,000+ pages), and over 4,000 photographs and their content files.

All of these files contain the source materials and must be upgraded and organized for their eventual transfer to the Regimental History Unit at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

During your visits to the Timeline if you see your name or of those of your buddies mentioned, and there is no portrait photo posted, please send me a suitable photo to work with.

Regardless of the era in which you served, if you discover that you have any old rosters, official battalion or company orders, other documents, media articles or photographs that you have neglected to send earlier, please let me know.

As always, if you have any questions about this update, please use the Email Link at the top of this page. Your suggestions and comments are always appreciated.

Current Book Reviews of the Vietnam Journal Volume I & II.