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1966 Battalion Timeline Index
Preparing For Overseas Deployment at Fort Hood, Texas
"We are not about to send American boys nine or ten thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves." ~ President Lyndon B. Johnson, October 1964
There were no DA1594 Daily Staff Journal or Duty Officers Log's on file at the National Archives for the year 1966.
4th U.S.
720th MP
Boots On The Ground in South Vietnam
Long Binh Post, III Corps Tactical Zone, Bien Hoa Province, South Vietnam
Allied Troop levels In South Vietnam for 1966
South Vietnamese  735,900
American  385,300
Australian  4,530
New Zealand  160
South Korea  25,570
Philippines  2,060
Thailand  240

U.S. Casualties 1966: 6,053 Killed (all categories), 29,992 Wounded, 61 Missing In Action
Battalion Casualties (Oct-Nov-Dec) 1966: 1 Killed In Action, Wounded In Action-complete statistics unavailable.
North Vietnamese Army & Viet Cong : 71,473 Killed, with 3,247 captured in action.
18th MP
89th MP
720th MP

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