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720th Military Police Battalion
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10 October 1966 through 13 August 1972
“We did it all, and then some”
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Headquarters Detachment ~ III Corps Tactical Zone ~ Bien Hoa Province ~ Long Binh
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Bravo Company ~ III Corps Tactical Zone, Long Binh & IV Corps Tactical Zone, Vinh Long
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Charlie Company ~ III Corps Tactical Zone ~ Bien Hoa Province ~ Long Binh
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Military Police (Quan Canh)
Convoy's  In The II ~ III ~ IV Corps Tactical Zones
1969 Convoy Checkpoint Map ~ Di An - Phu Loi - Lai Khe - Phuoc Vinh - Quan Loi
Personal Convoy Journal 10 March to 7 November 1971  SP/4 Charles "David" Spruell, C Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, 1971-1972.
Regular Convoys
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Bu Gia Map  (Dijamar)
Bunker Hill  (FSB)
Bu Dop  (Bo Duc)
Camp Dillard  (Di Linh)
Mace  (FSB)
Song Be  (Phuoc Binh)
Wade  (FSB)
Detachment's & Convoys  (III & IV Corps Tactical Zones)
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Blackhorse (Xuan Loc & Long Gaio)
Tra Vinh  (Phu Vinh)
Camp Widder  (Duc Hoa)
Other MP Assignments
Escorts & Patrols
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III & IV Corps Tactical Zones
Enemy Prisoners Of War ~ Hospital Guard & Escort Teams
The Tactical Area Of Responsibility (TAOR)
Republic of South Vietnam
11 September 1967 through 25 July 1970

The first Military Police Battalion in the history of the United States Armed Forces to be assigned a counterinsurgency-pacification light infantry mission and command and operational control of infantry, armor, air, and artillery elements in support of Military Police ground forces.

The History of the TAOR   Includes direct links to Ambush & Reconnaissance, Outpost Liaison Duty, River Patrol Security & Transport Unit, Civic Action Program, the Dong Nai River POL & Dredge Site and recent over-flight era photographs and current satellite photographs of how the TAOR appears now.

Scout Dog Unit
212th MP Company
The 1st of its kind in
the Military Police Corps
Regional Forces / Popular Forces
South Vietnamese Army Village Militia
Regional Forces
Popular Forces
D Company / 87th Infantry
95th & 720th MP Battalions
D Company
87th Infantry
     Mortar Platoon
Field Equipment
1/4 Ton Truck  "Jeep"
2 & 1/2 Ton Truck  "Deuce & 1/2"
Grenades Frag  Concussion  Smoke
Communist Forces
III Corps Tactical Zone