An Loc Convoy
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18th Bde.
An Loc The capital of Binh Long Province was located on Highway QL-13 approximately 60 miles north west of Saigon just below the Cambodian border in III Corps Tactical Zone. This area along the Cambodian border was ripe with enemy activity from their sanctuaries across the Cambodian border.

        It has yet to be determined when the 720th MP Battalion first began convoy escort operations to An Loc and further north to Loc Ninh. The information we currently have available on 720th escorts to this area is during the 1971 to 1972 time period.

        This is well after the start of the major US troop withdrawal's under the Vietnamization program started in 1969. During this time period the only US troops stationed in the area were Military Assistance Command Vietnam advisors, and US Special Forces attached to the 5th ARVN Division.


5 April 1972 The 5th and 7th North Vietnamese Army Divisions, supported by Russian made T-54 tanks, came through the An Loc area like a juggernaut during the 1972 Communist Easter Offensive. All roads to An Loc including Highway QL-13 were cut off from ground supply and reinforcement.

        The handful of US Advisors and ARVN units at Loc Ninh consolidated and defended the city. Being supplied only by air drops, they withstood a massive 70 day siege, longer than either Vicksburg (Civil War) or Dien Bien Phu (1st Indochina War) that broke the back of the enemy offensive in the area.

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