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The Newport Military Terminal
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Participating Commands
1st Logistics
4th Trans.
18th MP
92nd MP
720th MP
     During the early allied buildup in South Vietnam the only primary deep water port to handle incoming cargo ships was the Saigon Port  on the Saigon River in the Capital Military District of Gia Dinh Province in III Corps Tactical Zone. Because it could barely handle the regular commercial commerce and with the heavy volume of additional military support cargo to the city, the U.S. and South Vietnamese governments started planning and construction of additional deepwater port facilities in Newport and the upgrade of other river port facilities in Nha Be,  Cat Lai, and the costal ports of Cam Ranh Bay,  Vung Tau,  Qui Nhon, Nha Trang, Phan Rang, and Da Nang.
Editors Note: I have received numerous inquiries about the origin of the name of the complex. Many of the permanent bases, or other U.S. Military built installations were first named for fallen U.S. Military heroes, and as Vietnamization took precedence, many of the names were changed to Vietnamese origin. This time, the Army kept it simple. The name for the complex was just that, the "New Port" they built.
Courtesy of MAJ Don Blake, Tour 365 Magazine
Courtesy of SGT Allan Furtado, 154th Transportation Command, Camp Camelot, Long Binh Post, June 1967 to June 1968. For additional photographs of the Newport Facility visit Allan's website.

     In early 1966 the operation of the ports, specifically Newport, was assigned to the 4th Transportation Command subordinate to the 1st Logistics Command Vietnam located in  Saigon, before moving to Long Binh Post as part of Operation MOVE OUT OF SAIGON EXPIDICOUSLY or its acronym of "MOOSE."

     The new 100 acre facility was named the Newport Military Terminal, located southeast of Saigon at the south end of the, Highway-1A (316)  Newport Bridge over the Saigon River (in photo above) in Gia Dinh Province of III Corps Tactical Zone.

     It officially opened in August of 1966, with four berths for deep draft (ocean going) vessels, four barge sites, two LST (Landing Ship, Tank) slips and one LCU (Landing Craft, Utility slip.

     To carry out its mission, the 71st Transportation Battalion, 4th Transportation Command, had five terminal service companies assigned; the 154th, 368th, 561st, 567th and 551st.

     The majority of the cargo was off loaded and held at the port for ground convoy, and other cargo such as ammunition and fuel was barged up or down the river for distribution to smaller docks and other logistical facilities located throughout III and IV Corps Tactical Zones.

     One of the first assignments for the 720th MP Battalion in October 1966 was convoy escort to and from Long Binh Post, to Cu Chi and Tay Ninh.

    In 1966 & 1967 physical security of the warehouses and dock areas at both Saigon and Newport was provided by the 188th and 300th MP Companies, 92nd MP Battalion (Pershing Field). Physical perimeter security for the complex was provided by the transportation companies.

     As the war buildup continued through the late 1960's new convoy stops and destinations were added to the list including Operation OVERTAKE, the transport of high-end Special Services Post Exchange cargo from the docks to Long Binh Post. During Overtake the MP's escorted the civilian contracted vehicles to prevent organized criminal theft.

Miscellaneous Photographs
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Personnel & Facilities
 1967- Members of the 188th& 300th MP Companies inside the terminal at shift change.
 1967- SP/4's Skinner and Parsells of the 188th MP Company inside the terminal.
 1967- View of the complex from the Newport Bridge.
 1968- Royal Thai Army Black Panther Division debark the USS Okinagon at the docks.
 1970- View of the complex from the Newport Bridge.
 1970- View of the inside from a gun jeep.
 1972- Ships unloading at the complex.
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