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The Story of the "720 MP Rogues Band"
720 Military Police Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, Vietnam

Roger Bowman ~ Cecil Rhodes ~ Irv Cashwell  ~ Bud Bower  ~ Gary Hadfield
        It all began towards the ends of our tours in country. After the first 9 to 10 months of security at the Long Binh 3rd Ordinance Ammunition Supply Depot, support during Operation Junction City, Tay Ninh Convoy escorts, enemy POW Security, Criminal Investigation Division, and Operation Shotgun troop escorts, we started talking about what we did back "in the world." When the common denominator became our involvement in various rock bands, we decided to get together and form our own band. From there it went to the procuring of our instruments through Battalion Headquarters via Special Services in Bien Hoa and Saigon.
SP/4 Roger Dale Bowman, Company C, Paris, Texas – Rhythm Guitar
SP/4 Robert Gary Hadfield, Company B, Alaska – Lead Guitar
SP/4 Marion J. 'Bud' Bower, Company C, Montana – Bass Guitar
SP/4 Irving K. Cashwell, Company C, Covington, Virginia – Drums and Vocals
SP/4 Cecil A. Rhodes, Company C, Fresno, California – Vocals
Female Singer – Fay Conoway

        Roger Bowman, Bob Hadfield and myself began playing and singing in our tent. Once word got around, we were joined by "Bud" Bower and Irving Cashwell. Everything seemed to click and we were having fun entertaining our friends.

        In or about June of 1967 we were asked by Captain Bert Edmondson, our Company Commander, (C Company) if we would form a group and play at the Battalion change of command dinner/ceremony on 1 July. We, of course, said yes and began rehearsals. Several weeks after our successful appearance at the change of command event, we were informed by CPT Edmondson that word had been sent down from 18th Brigade and Battalion HQ that, in their opinion, it would be a good idea to have GI’s entertaining GI’s. They wanted to know if we would be interested in complying with the "request" to entertain our fellow troops.

        Well, of course, we said "yes!" We began rehearsals in earnest, and CPT Edmondson and 1SG Clifton McAlister (C Company) would often attend our sessions. It was CPT Edmonson that began arranging our bookings. Not every GI band had their commanding officer as their publicity manager. We were placed on light duty, e.g. police calls, traffic check points with the Aussie's along Highway 1, latrine cleaning (shit burning detail), motor pool, and troop escort to Bien Hoa Airport (Operation Shotgun) for guys mustering out and returning home.

        We put together a repertoire of about 50 songs, and played everything from country, standards, rock, rhythm and blues. We were mainstays at the 24th and 93rd Evacuation Hospitals (Long Binh Post), and the 5th Special Forces Compound; we also played at artillery units, and other units who's names I cannot now recall.

        We played every week, and sometimes twice a week. On 8 October 1967 we made a recording at the 24th Evacuation Hospital, and we recorded again at the 5th Special Forces Compound. I still have the audio recordings of those two sessions, and movies of our performances at various locations.

The Rogues at the 93rd Evacuation Hospital
The 720 MP Rogues at the 93rd Evacuation Hospital, Long Binh Post late 1967

        "At some point during our touring of the area, CPT Edmondson introduced us to a young female from a unit I do not recall, and recommended we add her as a vocalist.

        She was 'knock-out' gorgeous, and an excellent singer and entertainer, and her name was Fay Conway."

        If anyone recognizes her picture and knows how to contact her, I would really appreciate hearing from you. Contact me via the Email Link at the top of this page.  Cecil Rhodes

The 720th MP Rogues at the 24th Evacuation Hospital, Long Binh Post late 1967

        We weren't around very long, because we began performing approximately three months before we were all due to return home. I returned home on 30 October 1967 after thirteen months in country.

        I don’t know whether any of the visitors to this outstanding, highly needed and appreciated website heard of or remember the "720th Rouges," but if you did I would appreciate hearing from you. Please use the Email Link below.

        I hope you enjoyed our music and that we helped bring a little "home" into your lives. We had a wonderful time playing music, singing, entertaining and interacting with the all the soldiers – officers and enlisted personnel. WELCOME HOME ! SP/4 Cecil A. Rhodes, C Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, Vietnam, October 1966 to October 1967.

        To contact the 720th MP Rogues, please use the Email Link at the top of this page.

Favorite request list for the band
The favorite audience request was close, if not a tie, between "My Girl" by the Temptations (1965) and (I can't get no) "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones (1965). The remaining songs are in no special order.
Most of the songs on this play list are attached to specific photograph pages
  My Girl
  Wipe Out
  Crying Time
  Louie Louie
  Limbo Rock
  When A Man Loves A Woman
 The Great Pretender
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