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   There have been many changes in III & IV Corps Tactical Zone since the end of the war, especially in and around Long Binh Post. This section contains photographs taken by those Battalion veterans who have returned to the area to visit.
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   If you are a Battalion veteran and have any photographs of your return visit to our old stomping grounds, let me know by using the Email Link above. Please send only those photograph that show former duty stations or landmarks relative to your duties during the Battalion's Vietnam Tour.

Right: Thirty-Five years after the fall of Saigon, the 18th MP Brigade Patch is finally added to the map at the War Remnants Museum in Saigon, courtesy of our own former SP/4 (LTC Ret.) Steve Senkovich, A Company, 720th MP Battalion, 1967-68.

Long Binh Post
Chinese electronics plant sitting on top of the old Alpha Company area (2010).
Former Gate 3 (main entrance to post), on Highway 1A (2010).
Long Binh Jail (LBJ)
Government Prison built on the site of LBJ.
Prison wall.
Highway 1A
The Dong Nai River Bridge (2010).
The Water Plant at Thu Duc (2010).
The Cement Plant at Thu Duc (2010).
Tay Ninh
Gene "Flo" Flores at the bridge in TaY Ninh 2003.
Gene "Flo" Flores at the bridge in Tay Ninh 1971.
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