18th Bde.
89th MP Group
Interior Guard Patrols
III & IV Corps Tactical Zones
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Interior Guard Patrol The patrols were set up to insure the security and integrity of the 720th MP Battalion and 18th Brigade & 89th Group areas within Long Binh Post. They were limited to the confines of the Battalion area and often used as the Battalion's taxi service within Long Binh Post.

        Along with patrolling the MPs were responsible for physically checking the motor pool compound, and other battalion buildings throughout their assigned detail.

        Any unusual activity was brought to the attention of the Battalion Duty NCO or Officer.

        Any criminal activity was immediately reported to the post MP patrols under the directions of the Long Binh Post Provost Marshals Office (PMO).

        During 1971 and 1972 problems of theft from the few remaining U.S. military compounds on Long Binh Post were increasing and the interior patrols became critical in insuring that vehicles, munitions and other critical supplies were safeguarded from theft rather than sabotage.

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