Ham Tan Convoy
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18th Bde.
Ham Tan... was located in Binh Thuy Provence, III Corps Tactical Zone, north east of Saigon.
        In 1970 the 199th Light Infantry Brigade operated numerous Fire Support Bases (FSB) in the Ham Tan area and worked in conjunction with U.S. Special Forces elements. Beyond that not much is know about the U.S. and allied units or operations in the area.
199th LIB
        In 1971 the 720th MP Battalion escorted what were termed "short run" convoys to Ham Tan. The exact time period is unknown. At the time MACV Team 48 was the active U.S. advisory unit in the area.
5 June 1971, 0840 hours (8:40AM) The Ham Tan Convoy departed Bien Hoa with 5 vehicles.
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