Da Lat Detachment ~ 212th MP Company
Da Lat Convoy Mission ~ 720th MP Battalion

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18th Bde.
1967 ~ 212th MP Company Detachment on Lang Bien Mountain
Da Lat... located in the mountains of the Central Highlands 124 miles northeast of Saigon, was founded in 1912 as a resort to escape the heat and humidity of the lowlands, it’s nickname was “Paris of the East.”

        The Da Lat Detachment, an element of the 2nd Platoon of the of the 212th MP Company (Sentry Dog), 95th MP Battalion, was under the command of 2LT John Milligan. The detachment lived in a villa in Da Lat but their duty station was located on top of Lang Bien Mountain, providing physical security for a major communications compound. The men worked there on rotating shifts of 3 to 4 days.

        It is not know how long the detachment was staffed by the 212th MP Company, however the communications compound was there well into 1972 and continued to have sentry dog security.

If you worked the 212th Da Lat Detachment and would like to assist with information or photographs please contact the Project Manager via the above Email Link.

1972 ~ 720th MP Battalion Convoy Escort to Da Lat
        The 720th MP Battalion Da Lat convoy escort was not a regularly scheduled assignment and was referred to as a “special run.’ Being a beautiful mountainous resort area the men of the escort team always tried to milk the convoy run.
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