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Drug Awareness & Rehabilitation Team (DART)
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        The DART concept was initiated to counter a growing drug abuse problem in throughout all branches of the U.S. Military Forces stationed in South Vietnam that mushroomed from late 1969 into the Vietnamization phase of the war through the early 1970's. Under DART they established an amnesty program and broadened their enforcement programs.
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August (exact date unknown) The Battalion Drug Awareness and Rehabilitation Team (DART) was officially initiated. The teams consisted of two enlisted men in grade E-4 at battalion and company level. These personnel were selected due to their interest and willingness to work with actual or potential drug users

The functions of the DART Team were as follows:

1- Assist the commander and other unit leaders in understanding the drug abuse problem within their commands.

2- Devise and conduct innovative programs for members of the command returning from drug rehabilitation centers and amnesty centers.

3- Be available for counseling on a 24 hour a day basis.

4- In addition to the DART concept, a hot line was established within the Battalion drug rehabilitation team. Soldiers were able to discuss drug problems over the hot line without disclosing their identity and would be referred to the appropriate individual or agency for assistance.

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