Long Binh Post to Cam Ranh Bay Convoy
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        In 1968 the convoy run was terminated due to the staggering losses of men and vehicles resulting from enemy action along the route.

        In 1970 the planning stages the commitment was split between the companies, over flight reconnaissance was conducted along the established route, on-the-ground coordination was made with units along the route and RON [remain overnight] sites, plus maintenance and support was established.

        Tactical support and coverage for the 600 mile long convoy route was arranged with the I and II Field Forces. A Combined military police and transportation effort in preparation of equipment, personnel and briefings of involved units and agencies provided for a well executed operation.

        The 720th provided eighteen MPs, of A & C Company, employing three gun jeeps (C Company) and three V100 armored cars (A Company) for the escort crew.

18th Bde.
        The 720th MP Battalion coordinated with the the 4th Transportation Command (Operations Order 100-70), Saigon Support Command, I & II Field Forces, 18th Military Police Brigade, and with the 18th Engineer Brigade units in Military Region II (located at Dang Ba Thin), in the planning and execution of the Cam Ranh Bay Convoy.
3 October The convoy left Long Binh Post at 0600 hours [6:00 AM]. The vehicles passed through Xuan Loc up into the mountains near Bao Loc and Da Lat, out of Military Region III, into Military Region II, arriving at Can Ranh Bay the afternoon of 4 October.
7 October The return trip started and closed [arrived] Long Binh Post at 1500 hours [3:00 PM], on 8 October. There were no major incidents and the convoy was not marred by a single major breakdown.

        The success of this massive convoy was emphasized with credit given to the 'ever improving' situation in the Republic of South Vietnam.

        At the end of their journey, the convoy personnel were welcomed back to Long Binh Post by Brigadier General H.B. Gibson, Jr. Commanding General of the Saigon Support Command and COL Wallace K. Wittwer, Commanding Officer of the 18th MP Brigade.

        All members of the 720th MP Battalion escort teams were awarded the Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service.

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