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18th Military Police Brigade
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Corps Tactical Zones I & II
16th MP
93rd MP
97th MP
504th MP

   Upon its arrival on 8 September 1966 commanded by COL Thomas F. Guidera, it was located at USARV in Saigon, moving to Long Binh Post in 1967.The 18th Military Police Brigade was a HQ and HQ Company authorized a staff of fifty-five personnel. It became the largest military police command in South Vietnam answering directly to the commanding officer USARV.

   The delegation of the Brigade as a major command of USARV gave its commanding officer the ability to exercise the requisite direct influence over the employment of military police resources in a relatively fluid situation.

   The Brigades three MP Groups, all HQ and HQ detachments, 16th, 89th and 8th (Criminal Investigations), arrived or were activated in-country by early 1966 and carried out Brigade’s operational plans, staffing, and logistical orders. They were the 89th- headquartered in Saigon before moving to Long Binh Post, the 16th- Nha Trang, and the 8th (CI) Criminal Investigation (Provisional)- Saigon before moving to Long Binh Post. Both the 89th and 16th Groups were attached subordinate on 26 September.
8th MP
Group (CI)
716th MP
   The 716th MP Battalion was headquartered in Saigon with the separate Capital Military District, and although carried as a battalion subordinate to the 18th MP Brigade, 89th MP Group, they received operational orders from USARV.

   The Brigade was inactivated in Vietnam on 29 March 1973, and reactivated on 16 August 1985 in West Germany, where it remains active.

   The 720th MP Battalion’s seven member CID cell that deployed with them from Fort Hood, was immediately detached upon arrival, and on 7 November was reassigned to the 87th MP Detachment (CI), 8th MP Group (CI) on Long Binh Post.

Corps Tactical Zones III & IV
89th MP
92nd MP
95th MP
720th MP
   WANTED: We invite any members of the Vietnam era 18th MP Brigade Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment to submit photographs of their compound and facilities for posting on this website page. Please use the Email Link above to contact the History Project Manager.
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