Bao Loc Convoy
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Bao Loc is located on Highway QL-20 in the Central Highlands of Lam Dong Province, Military Region II. Its elevation is 850 meters above sea level. The mountain people of Bao Loc were Montagnards, an ethnic minority. The distance from Long Binh to Bao Loc was approximately 100 miles and an average run took four and-a-half hours each way, plus whatever turn around time was spent at Camp Smith. The route included just about every type of roadway condition and geographic variation in South Vietnam.
18th MP
89th MP
720th MP
Miscellaneous Media Articles
From Long Binh To Bao Loc
Rollin Down The Highway
100 Miles Of Fear
Moving the 554th Engineer Battalion to Bao Loc
15 October The 720th MP Battalion supported the 4th Transportation Command, Operation Order 101-70, by providing assistance with the planning and execution of the move of the 554th Engineer Battalion of the 79th Engineer Group, 20th Engineer Brigade from the Cu Chi area in III Corps Tactical Zone to Camp Smith located in Bao Loc in II Corps Tactical Zone.
20th Engineer
        The commitment required a total of five separate convoys and was completed in early November.
Miscellaneous Photographs 1970
October, SP/4's Wellock and Christiansen, A Company, during a break.
PFC "Buck" Starns of C Company, during a break.
PFC Simmons of C Company, during a break.
February-April During the months of February, March and April the Bao Loc Convoy was being run twice weekly.
A Moment Of Hell In Paradise  SP/4 Richard Nason, C Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, March 1971 to February 1972.
082406 I served with B Company, 554th Engineer Battalion from April 71 to January 72 and I spent a lot of time on QL20. I recall the time one of the MP armored vehicles went over the mountain and I think the guys were seriously hurt in that accident. I was at Camp Fennell, just up the road from Camp Smith. Jack Proctor
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Miscellaneous Photographs 1971
C Company APC's "Try Me" and "Prize Fighters" at Bao Loc.
July, Local teak timber industry on the way up the mountains to Bao Loc.
July, Montagnard villagers watch the convoy on the way up the mountain to Bao Loc.
July, View from the portal of a V100 on the way to the mountains of Bao Loc.
September, View from roadway coming down the mountains from Bao Loc.
September, View from roadway going up the mountains to Bao Loc.
September, Convoy from Long Binh Post on the way to Bao Loc.
September, Into the clouds on the mountains on the way to Bao Loc.
October, V100 C-63 "Feeling Groovy,"On the way down the mountain to Bao Loc.
October, V100 C-63 "Feeling Groovy,"On the way down the mountain to Bao Loc.
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