Binh Thuy Convoy
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18th Bde.

        Binh Thuy was created as a base for U.S. Navy River Patrol Boat (PBR) Operations on the Bassac River. It is located just a few miles west of Can Tho.

        In May 1966 a ten-boat section of the U.S. Navy River Division 51 deployed to Can Tho in Corps Tactical Zone IV in the Mekong Delta Region to inaugurate the Game Warden river interdiction operation in that area. By mid summer 1967 the facility was prepared to receive tenants.

        In July 1967 the Headquarters of the River Patrol Force was moved from Can Tho to Bin Thuy, and shortly afterward the Naval Support Activity Saigon, detachment Can Tho, was redesignated Detachment Binh Thuy. Another headquarters took shape in the area when the Deputy Commander Naval Forces, Vietnam, was charged in late 1968 with implementing the Sea Lords strategy, which sought to interdict the infiltration of communist troops and supplies from Cambodia.
        In 1972 the U.S. Navy turned over to the South Vietnamese Navy all river craft, equipment, and installations, and conducted the U.S. withdrawal
1970 The 720th Assumes Responsibility of IV Corps (Mekong Delta Region)

5 February The footprint of the 720th MP Battalion was established in the IV Corps Tactical Zone (Mekong Delta) area when the 92nd MP Battalion departed Vietnam and the 720th assimilated the 188th MP Company and its detachments and convoy escort duties.

September The 188th MP Company was scheduled for reassignment to DaNang in II Corps so to avoid the logistical problem associated with the move B Company, 720th MP Battalion, who had just completed their assignment from Operation STABILIZE in the Tactical Area of Responsibility on 25 July, was redesignated as the 188th and sent to DaNang. The 188th (now B Company, 720th) remained in IV Corps and continued the detachments and convoy escort missions.
February-April During the months of February, March and April the Binh Thuy Convoy had no regular schedule and was being run on an as needed basis.
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